mSurvey in the News

Option 1: 

Rotating carousel with black and white news logos.  User selects the logo to read the story.  

Pros: looks cool, very clean

Con: still lots of logos but a bit more spread out; would need to select a maximum number of news pieces to include (I think 10 max)


Read about mSurvey in the news


Full list of news pieces

Option 2:  

More informative slide show that includes an intro/summary on the image similar to ChatFuel "look who else uses us" followed by  "What they say about us":

Pro: it's unlikely most people will click through to the article so this design gives a 'teaser' about the article

Con: Difficult to design (each slide is an image I create in Photoshop then upload to SquareSpace)

mSurvey blog

List design that organizes items by date and includes an image to attract people


mSurvey case studies

Case studies appear as a 'wall' that users can click through.  Organized by 'theme' e.g., VOC case studies, HARP case studies, ODR case studies.